Japanese filmmakers select locations for new documentary in Jizzakh

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- The Japanese creative group arrived in Jizzkah region to select locations for feature film. State Tourism Committee organized a trip for cinematographers to Tashkent region and Tashkent. After that the guests travelled to Jizzakh region with its beautiful nature.

The guests were shown new objects of tourist infrastructure on the coast of Aidarkul, fisheries, camping and other objects of ecotourism. During the trip, the plans for surveying work were discussed, where the scenes of the city are replaced by landscapes, types of water bodies and countryside.

The attention of the group was represented by health-improving complexes in the high-mountainous Zaamin district, where several types of tourism are actively developing, including health and active.

Japanese filmmakers liked the unique nature of the National Park and several objects were selected for shooting.

Local khokimiyats of Arnasay, Zaamin districts, regional khokimiyat assisted in arranging a comfortable and productive trip of the guests and expressed their readiness to continue supporting the creative group during the filming of the episodes of the film in Jizzakh region.

The group will continue its work in Samarkand.

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