Foreign trade turnover of Uzbekistan makes up US$1.8bn in Jan

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Foreign trade turnover of Uzbekistan made up about US$1.8 billion in January 2018, the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan.

Exports of Uzbekistan reached US$0.7 billion in January 2018 and imports – US$1.1 billion. Balance of foreign trade made up minus US$433.9 million.

In last several years, Uzbekistan changed structure of exports and recorded growth on almost all groups of services and goods.

Export of machines and equipment rose three times year-on-year in the reporting period due to export of transformers and batteries – by 46.7%, cable and wire products – 5.4 times, boilers, equipment and mechanic tools, as well as their part – by 9.1%.

Uzbekistan’s exports of food products rose by 40.8% in January 2018, due to growth of exports of wheat (by 6.8 times) and fruits and vegetables – by 28.8%.

The growth of exports of energy and oil products (2.3 times) is observed due to increase of natural gas by 3.3 times.

About 35.4% of Uzbekistan’s imports fell to share of machines and equipment and 14.8% - chemical products.

Share of services in exports made up 34.1%, of which 16.1% fell to share of transport services and 15.1% to travel services.

In January 2018, balance of foreign trade made up minus US$433.9 million, including with the CIS states – minus US$161.9 million and other states – minus US$272 million.

Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan were main trade partners among the CIS states with total share of 41.4%, China, South Korea, Turkey, Germany, Afghanistan, Latvia, Lithuania, India and Iran accounted 41% of foreign trade of Uzbekistan among the non-CIS states.

The exports of fruits and vegetables made up US$29.7 million and rose by 28.8% year-on-year. Fruits and berries made up 21.1% from total volume of exported fruits and vegetables (growth – 6.7%), vegetables – 52.9% (27.6%) and grape – 22% (49.5%).

Main trade partners of Uzbekistan are Kazakhstan (36.1% from total volume), Afghanistan (15%), Russia (7.5%), Turkey (5.1%), Iran (3.9%), China (3.7%), UAE (3.5%), Kyrgyzstan (2.9%), Pakistan (2.6%), Vietnam (2.3%) and Iraq (1.8%).

Exports of fruits and vegetables in total volume of exports made up 4.3% in January 2018.

Physical exports of fruits and vegetables reached 43,900 tonnes or rose by 37.3% year-on-year.

Total volume of exported fruits and berries made up 6,400 tonnes (growth – 0.4%), vegetables – 28,700 tonnes (50%), grapes – 7,400 tonnes (24.9%), peanuts – 1,400 tonnes (2.5 times), water-melons and melons – 10.4 tonnes (8 times).

Share of exports of textile products in total exports of Uzbekistan made up 14.7%. The volume of exported textile products made up US$102.7 million, which grew by 15.8%.

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