Prices of goods and services grow by 2.7% in January – State Statistics Committee

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Prices of goods and services in consumer market of Uzbekistan rose by an average of 2.7% in January 2018, the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan said.

The prices for food products grew by 3.5% in January, non-food products – by 2.3% and services – by 1.4%.

The committee said that in January 2017, consumer prices for goods and services increased by 0.8%, including food products - by 1.2%, non-food products and services - by 0.6%.

The main inflation factor in January 2018 was the increase in food prices.

In January 2017, the share of the effect of food price increases on the total increase in the consumer price index (CPI) was 62.8%, non-food products 22.0%, services 15.2%.

Food products for month became more expensive on average by 3.5%, which ensured a total increase in the CPI by 1.6 percentage points.

According to the State Statistics Committee, rice became more expensive by 7.5% in January 2018, milk - by 5.4%, live and cooled fish - by 4.8%, butter - by 4.4%, eggs - by 4.2% , cream - by 3.7%, semolina - by 2.7%, beans - by 2.5%, beef and lamb - by 2.2%, cottage cheese - by 2.1%, confectionery products - on average 1.8%, wheat flour - by 1.4%, vegetable oil - by 1.0%.

The level of prices for fruit and vegetable products was formed under the influence of seasonal trends that were regular for this season: apples and pears rose by 12.8%, tomatoes by 10.4%, onions by 8.7%, pumpkins by 8.6% cucumbers - by 6.2%, potatoes - by 4.5%, nuts - by 3.3%, beet - by 1.4%. Against the background of rising prices for basic types of fruits and vegetables, carrots became cheaper by 4.0%, cabbage - by 0.2%.

Of the other types of food products, there was some stabilization and even a decline in prices for sugar and poultry meat (by 1.0% and 0.8% respectively).

The rise in prices for alcoholic beverages is caused by the increase from 1 January 2018 of excise tax rates on excisable goods produced by domestic enterprises, as well as the commissioning of minimum wholesale and retail prices for alcohol products.

Non-food products rose 2.3% in a month, which led to an increase in the CPI by another 0.8 percentage points.

Prices for propane and methane, sold to the population through the network of gas stations, rose from January by 10.2% and 11.2%, respectively, which ensured an increase in the CPI by 0.1 percentage points.

Polygraphic products on average became more expensive by 13.9%, which is associated with higher prices for printed publications published in the republic (newspapers, magazines and books).

In connection with the increase in excise tax rates for cigarettes, prices of tobacco products grew by 8.8% on average.

Without taking into account the increase in prices for the non-food products listed above, the overall inflation rate would be lower by 0.2 percentage points.

In the reporting period, footwear prices increased by 2.1%, personal care products by 2.7%, clothes by 2.8%, building materials by 2.6% and household textiles by 2.5%.

Services for population have become more expensive by 1.4% in January. This led to an increase in the consolidated CPI by 0.3 percentage points.

About 0.1 percentage points from this increase is due to introduction in some regions of increased parental fees for children visiting pre-school institutions (the average for the country grew by 11.9%, taking into account the fact that in Bukhara, Navoi and Ferghana regions these sizes were reduced).

Prices for recreation services in January 2018 increased by 14.4%, medical services - by 1.6%, air transport services - by 2.8%, motor transport services - by 0.8%, household services - by 1.2%.

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