Uzbekistan to move to nine-digit telephone numbers

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Uzbekistan will switch to nine-digit telephone numbers in 2018, the press service of Uzbektelecom said in a statement.

The company underlined that phone numbers will be longer by two additional digits in 2018: it will be necessary to dial with a two-digit code for the region (or operator).

According to the company, this will simplify the process of dialing long-distance numbers.

Uzbekistan adopted this decision in accordance with the recommendations of the International Telecommunication Union and the requirements of the "System and plan for the numbering of telecommunications networks in Uzbekistan", which were developed by the Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications.

“The transition from 7-digit numbers to 9-digit numbers is a time requirement. It is explained by the fact that the number range of mobile operators is almost exhausted, and the demand for communication services is growing every day,” the message reads.

“Such a transition, but only in the number combination of emergency services, already occurred several years ago also within the framework of this document,” the company recalled.

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