Uzbekistan to build unique plant for production of industrial batteries

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Uzbekistan will build a unique plant for the production of industrial batteries in the CIS, the press service of JSC Uzvtorcvetmet said.

The plant will become one of the most advanced plants of the global industrial battery market. The project, which includes all stages of production, is unique on the territory of the CIS.

The production will be equipped with high-tech equipment from the South Korean manufacturer Unicor Co. Ltd.

The project is implemented in line with the presidential resolution. Uzvtorcvetmet will create the capacities for production of industrial batteries.

The project will help to introduce new technologies in such areas as alternative energy, mobile communications, the defense structure and improve the reserves of energy sources.

Today, worldwide use of non-traditional and renewable energy sources in the fuel and energy sector is an urgent task for the energy sector. One of their main types, characterized by ecological compatibility and accessibility, is the energy of solar radiation.

Uzbekistan has favorable climatic conditions for use of solar energy, whose energy potential makes up 98.5 percent of all renewable energy sources combined, so its involvement is relevant both for the purpose of ensuring energy security and improving the social and living conditions of the population. The production of industrial batteries at the enterprise Uzvtortsvetmet will be of great importance in this sphere.

The construction of the new plant will, on the one hand, fully meet the demand within the country, on the other - to increase the supply of products for export, - the project manager Behzod Yunusov.

Thus, one of the most ambitious and modern industrial enterprises will appear in Uzbekistan by mid 2018.

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