Delegation of Altai krai holds negotiations in State Committee for Tourism

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Deputy Chairman of the State Tourism Committee of Uzbekistan Shahrukh Sharakhmetov held negotiations with the Deputy chairman of the Government of Altai krai Viktor Meshcheryakov.

The aim of the meeting was to increase the mutual tourist flow between the two countries, promote the potential of Altai krai in Uzbekistan and the tourist potential of Uzbekistan in the Russian market, increase the frequency of flights between the regions of Uzbekistan and Russia.

During the meeting, Meshcheryakov acquainted the Uzbek side with the tourist potential of Altai krai and shared information about the measures taken to increase the tourist flow to Altai krai from the regions of the Russian Federation and from abroad. It was suggested to consider the use of resort areas by the Uzbek tourists, as well as promotion of national tourism potential of Uzbekistan among the Russian audience using the opportunities of the media.

In turn, Shahrukh Sharakhmetov supported the guest’s proposals on need for joint development of tourist potentials and informed the members of the Russian delegation about the measures being taken in the Republic of Uzbekistan to create favorable conditions for foreign tourists. So, at the moment, the State Tourism Committee is working on attracting foreign investors to participate in ongoing investment projects for construction of modern hotels, tourist zones and other accommodation facilities.

The Russian side supported the initiative of the leadership of Uzbekistan to create the necessary conditions for foreign tourists and suggested, in order to increase the mutual tourist flow between the two countries, to consider the issue of accepting Russian and Uzbek tourists in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation, taking into account the complementary climatic conditions of the two countries. Also, the Russian side informed about the existing potential for the development of winter tourism.

The Russian side suggested considering the issue of establishing bilateral cooperation between the regions of Uzbekistan and Russia at the level of cooperation between tourism associations and unions of the two countries.

At the same time, Victor Meshcheryakov said that the Russian side is cooperating with the Uzbek tourist companies "Advantour" and "Novatour". The parties agreed to find common ground to increase mutual tourist flow.

The Uzbek side supported the initiative of the Russian side and expressed its readiness to provide the necessary assistance within its authority.

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