Touristic logotype of Bukhara region approved

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Governor of Bukhara region Uktam Barnoyev approved a touristic logotype of Bukhara region and its description on 18 November 2017.

The logotype includes two-humped camel with wings, which symbolizes eternity, power and wisdom. The image of the two-humped and winged camel draws an analogy with the thrones of the rulers of Bukhara in the early Middle Ages.

The almond form of the symbol means the form of state seals in the ancient statehood of Bukhara. In the middle, there is panorama of Bukhara, including Poyi Kalon.

The sunlight in the background is a sign of fertility in an oasis. The shape of the octagonal star is a symbol of the glorification and perfection of Bukhara as a sacred city. Туристический логотип (бренд) Бухары описывается следующим образом:

The pentagonal star inside the star and crescent means five duties in Islam, purity and independence of our Motherland. The blue color inside the star is a symbol of the pure heaven and the world reigning in our country.

The logo (brand), framed by a two-line circle, reflects the focus of science, education and culture, as well as the glorification of Bukhara from antiquity as a major trade center on the Great Silk Road.

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