Uzbekistan uses investments in fixed capital for US$9.6bn in Jan-Sep

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- In January-September 2017, the total volume of utilized investments in fixed capital of Uzbekistan was 39.53 trillion soums (US$9.6 billion in dollar equivalent) or grew by 1 percent year-on-year.

The ratio of the volume of investments in fixed capital to the GDP was 23.2 percent or 1.4 percentage points lower than in January-September 2016.

Investments from the state budget were used for implementation of the targeted investment program the purpose of which was to support the social sphere and life support systems, develop the infrastructure of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

By kinds of economic activities the volume of utilized investments in mining sector was 8.05 trillion soums (20.4 percent of total investments), of which crude petroleum and natural gas – 7.28 trillion soums (18.4 percent), manufacturing – 5.9 trillion soums (14.9 percent), of which food, beverages and tobacco – 809.5 billion soums (2 percent), textiles and apparel – 1.15 trillion soums (2.9 percent), chemicals – 625.7 billion soums (1,6 percent), non-metallic mineral products – 791.1 billion soums (2 percent), metallurgy – 760.4 billion soums (1.9 percent), electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply – 2.22 trillion soums (5.6 percent), in construction – 1.69 trillion soums (4.3 percent), transportation and storage – 3.41 trillion soums (8.6 percent), wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles – 1.90 trillion soums (4.8 percent), information and communication – 1.06 trillion soums (2.7 percent), professional, scientific and technical activities – 565,.6 billion soums (1.4 percent), education – 855.4 billion soums (2.2 percent), investments in housing construction (in addition to all kinds of activities) – 8.43 trillion soums (21.3 percent).

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