Uzbekistan produces agriculture, forestry and fishing products for 46.19 trln. soum

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- In January-September 2017 the total volume of products (services) of agriculture, forestry and fishing in Uzbekistan made up 46.19 trillion soums or rose by 3.5% to the same period of 2016.

Crop and animal production, hunting and related services activities reached 45.98 trillion soums (+3.5 percent), forestry – 63.4 billion soums (+1.4 percent), fishing – 148.6 billion soums (+11.9 percent).

The State Statistics Committee said that the growth in the volume of products (services) of agriculture, forestry and fishing is mainly due to a significant increase in the production of crop and livestock products, hunting and provision of services in these areas.

The highest growth rates were observed in Samarkand region (+6.1 percent), Surkhandarya region (+6 percent), Bukhara region (+5.8 percent), Navoi region (+5,6 percent), the lowest ones – in Andijan region (+0.8 percent) and Ferghana region (1.5 percent).

In the structure of agricultural production the largest share belongs to dekhkan (private) farms (69.2 percent of the total volume).

Crop production

In January-September 2017 the volume of crop production was 27.87 trillion soums or grew by 2,0 percent to the corresponding period of 2016. The share of crop production in the total agricultural output was 61.5 percent.


In the reporting period, there were produced 7.38 million tons of grains (-0.4 percent), 2.35 million tons of potatoes (+3,9 percent), 8.69 million tons of vegetables (+5,8 percent), 1. 57 million tons of melons (+6.9 percent), 2.14 million tons of fruit and berries (+5,3), 1.27 million tons of grapes (+4,5 percent).

Animal production

The consistent implementation of measures on further increasing the capacity of the livestock sector as well as the systemic state support contributed to the growth of livestock number and the saturation of the domestic consumer market with livestock products.

In January-September 2017, the volume of animal production was 17.45 trillion soums or grew by 5.6 percent to the corresponding period of 2016 (in January-September 2016 –6.8 percent). In the total agricultural output, the share of animal production was 38.5 percent.

In comparison with 1 October 2017 farms of all types increased the number of cattle by 536,8 thousand (4.6 percent), of which cows by 95,8 thousand (2.2 percent), sheep and goats – by 363,0 thousand (1.8 percent), poultry – by 5.57 million (8.8 percent).

In total livestock number, the share of cattle in dekhkan (private) farms was 94.1 percent, in farm enterprises – 4.8 percent, caws – 94.5 and 4.6 percent, sheep and goats – 85 and 8.3 percent, and poultry – 64.8 and 11,6 percent respectively.

In January-September 2017, farms of all types produced 1.67 million tons of meat in living weight (6.2 percent more than in January-September 2016), 7.33 million tons of milk (6.2 percent), 4.92 million eggs (8.5 percent), 30,1 thousand tons of wool (1.3 percent), 1 million pieces of astrakhans (2,4 percent).

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