Uzbekistan to impose fines for poor quality of mobile communications and data transmission

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Uzbekistan plans to impose fines for the poor quality of mobile communications and data transfer.

The draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan “On measures to further improve the quality of telecommunications services” was published on the website of discussion of draft legal documents

The document will introduce financial sanctions (fines) for violations of the requirements of regulatory legal acts, standards, quality of services provided in the communications, information and telecommunication technologies and the procedure for their calculation.

The amount of fines will be calculated in accordance with the minimum wage in force in Uzbekistan.

According to the document, the fines will be imposed without the permission of the Republican Council on coordination of regulatory authorities. The State Inspection for Supervision in the Sphere of Communications, Informatization and Telecommunication Technologies will fine operators and providers for violation of the rules and standards.

In particular, it is proposed to impose fines for violations of the order of rendering mobile communication services and data transmission.

Fines will be also imposed for violation of rules by the operators and providers of providing information and reference services. Operators and providers will be fined for inaccessibility of technical support by phone and violation of the operator’s response time.

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