Sayfulla Saipov fall under influence of radical groups after moving to US

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Suspected of committing a terrorist attack in Manhattan (New York, USA) Sayfulla Saipov fell under influence of radical groups after moving to the United States, Jahon news agency reported.

The agency said that on 31 October, a terrorist attack occurred in New York. The US authorities suspect the 29-year-old Uzbek citizen Sayfulla Saipov in conducting attack.

Sayfulla Saipov was born on 8 February 1988 in Tashkent. He graduated from Tashkent Financial Institute in 2009. After graduation he worked as an accountant in the hotel "Sayokhat" in the capital of Uzbekistan.

Prior to his departure to the US, Saipov did not committed crime or did not get into the field of law enforcement.

The agency said that in 2010, Saipov went to the United States, winning a Green Card visa lottery. Since then, he never visited Uzbekistan and did not see his parents who still live in Tashkent.

Also, Saipov did not register at the diplomatic missions of Uzbekistan in the US, as it should be done in accordance with existing legal norms.

Sayfula Saipov’s neighbors characterize Sayfula very positively. According to them, he did not evoke any suspicions, always behaved with restraint and friendliness towards others. His parents preached traditional Islam and were never seen in connection with any extremist currents.

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