UZSE turnover makes up 68.4bn soums in January-September

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Trade turnover with securities of Uzbekistan Stock Exchange (UZSE) made up 68.4 billion soums in January-September against 170.4 billion soums in the same period of 2016.

In total, during the reporting period, 1.207 billion securities of 83 joint-stock companies were sold.

The deals for 55.1 billion soums were registered in the section Main Board, 0.1 billion soums in the section for transactions for individuals without clearing, 0.2 billion soums in the section in negotiation auction mode.

In the securities market for foreign currency FTC Market, deals for US$1.95 million or 7.9 billion soums at the rate of the Central Bank and in the Bond Market for 2 billion soums were recorded.

In the section on block-trading, one transaction was registered for the amount of 3.1 billion soums.

Exchange turnover with securities in the context of the main branches of the national economy was as follows:

- share of enterprises in the financial sector of the economy accounted for 65.3% of the exchange turnover or 44.6 billion soums, including banks - 58.8% of the exchange turnover or 40.2 billion soums, insurance companies - 1.3 billion soums (1.9%) and leasing companies - 3.1 billion soums (4.5%).

- share of the agro-industrial complex - 23.9% or 16.4 billion soums;

- share of the industrial sector - 0.4% in the turnover of the exchange or 0.2 billion soums;

- share of construction industry enterprises - 2.1%, or 1.4 billion soums.

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