Format of Uzbekistan football league changed

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Bureau of the Executive Committee of the Uzbekistan Football Federation introduced changes to the format of the 2018 Uzbekistan Football Championship.

According to the Bureau, twelve teams will play in the Uzbek Oliy Liga from 2018. The league will be played in three stages.

Teams will play in home and away matches. The host of the third round matches will be determined by draw. The teams will play 33 matches overall.

The teams, which clinched from 1 to 11th place in the Uzbek Oliy Liga in 2017, and top team of the First League, will play in the Oliy Liga-2018.

The Bureau also changed the format of the First League. The First League will feature 16 teams.

UFF said that the teams, which will comply all necessary requirements of the AFC and the UFF, will be allowed to play in the Oliy and First Leagues.

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