Seventh Annual Central Asia Trade Forum kicks off in Kazakhstan

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- More than 500 government and business leaders from 18 countries in Central Asia, South Asia, and Europe are participating in the seventh annual Central Asia Trade Forum, which opened today in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

This year, the two-day event focuses on the theme of Future Growth: Trade, Transport & Horticulture. Attendees will discuss how enterprises throughout Central Asia can better compete in the global economy and provide jobs for the region’s growing workforce.

“The Central Asia Trade Forum brings buyers, sellers, and traders together and gives them a platform to establish business connections that help young businesses grow and established businesses expand,” said George A. Krol, U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan.

This year’s forum has practical goals: to increase exports of fruits and vegetables from Central Asian countries and to overcome the transportation and logistics challenges that impede trade within the region and hinder economic growth. A concurrent trade exhibition highlights technology, equipment, and service providers who have the capacity to lower production and transport costs in the region.

One unique aspect of the forum is that, in addition to the opportunities for public-private dialogue on important regional and international trade policies and trends, event organizers are also providing practical training sessions on quality and food safety standards.

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