Issues of formation of Uzbekistan’s country brand discussed in Tashkent

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- On 10 October 2017, Tashkent hosted a conference “Formation of Uzbekistan’s Country Brand”.

The event was organized by the Senate Committee of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan on issues of international relations, foreign economic relations, foreign investments and tourism with the assistance of the UNESCO Office in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Speakers underlined that strengthening the country’s international image, improving investment climate, actively attracting foreign investment in the economy and regions of the country are outlined in the Strategy of Action for five priority areas of development of Uzbekistan as the most important priorities, which determine the successful development of the economy.

Active promotion of the country brand of Uzbekistan can become one of important factors of increasing the international prestige and image of the country as a reliable, responsible political and trade-economic partner, strengthening investor confidence, expanding international political influence, and stimulating wider international cooperation.

It was noted that a powerful and positive brand of the country can provide a decisive competitive advantage in modern global economy, and also accelerate achievement of strategic goals for further economic development, entering the list of developed democratic states.

The participants of the conference discussed issues related to identifying main factors preventing the full-fledged formation of Uzbekistan’s national brand, their influence on the level of investment attractiveness of Uzbekistan for foreign investors, formation of an effective tourist brand, and measures taken in accordance with the Strategy of Action, which lays the fundamental basis for the formation of a new brand image of Uzbekistan.

It is noted that successful brand includes the development of six interrelated spheres, so-called hexagon of the economy: development of tourism, building up of export potential, activation of foreign and domestic policies, attraction of investments, promotion of culture and well-being of the people.

It was said that Uzbekistan has great potential to promote national brand in the world market. In particular, rich cultural heritage, stable development of the country, hospitality of the people, modern infrastructure of cities, etc. One of the most important conditions for formation of the national brand is stable interaction of the public sector with business and the public.

According to the participants of the event, the successful brand of the state allows not only to improve the external and internal political image of the country, but also to raise its political influence on international arena, increase exports, strengthen international ties and partnerships, stimulate a sense of national identity, improve the overall competitiveness of the country .

It was emphasized that great scientists and thinkers of Uzbekistan made a significant contribution to development of the world civilization and the country for centuries served as a bridge between East and West, uniting the cultural and scientific wealth of mankind.

The participants shared their proposals and recommendations, which were aimed at further forming a positive national brand of Uzbekistan, eliminating the factors that have a negative impact on the national brand, creating a separate interdepartmental working committee for coordinating work in shaping the positive image of Uzbekistan, attracting international experts to participate in the work to promote the national brand, etc.

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