UFF to control futsal, women’s and beach football

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- The Futsal Association and the Association of Women and Beach Football of Uzbekistan are disbanded, the press service of the Uzbekistan Football Federation (UFF) said.

UFF said that the federation took control of development of futsal, women’s football and beach football, including training and retraining of coaches, organization and holding of national championships.

In the departments and offices of the Uzbekistan Football Federation and the Professional Football League, posts of officers for futsal, beach football and women’s football have been established, UFF stated.

At the Republican School of Higher Sportsmanship, a group of trainers began to work in this field.

Futsal, women’s and beach football will be included in sports department of PFL, which will function under the guidance of UFF.

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