Uzbekistan to take measures for development of children’s and youth football

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Uzbekistan plans to develop regional programs for the development of children’s and youth football for 2018-2023.

The State Committee for Physical Culture and Sports and the Uzbekistan Football Federation (UFF) adopted a joint resolution “On development of children’s and youth football”.

The document created a special working group, which will study the activities of all specialized boarding schools for football, academies at football clubs and colleges of Olympic reserves, as well as all sports schools in Karakalpakstan, regions and Tashkent.

On the basis of the received data, programs for development of children’s and youth football for 2018-2023 will be developed.

The document noted that experts recommended by UFF will take part in selection of talented young players into specialized educational institutions. This, according to UFF, should ensure the objectivity and transparency of selection process.

The experts of the federation will also participate in design and construction of football facilities in Uzbekistan, the document said.

The resolution said that a single electronic database of students of educational institutions specializing in football and their indicators will be created in Uzbekistan.

Also, the document underlined that that the Uzbekistan Football Championship among juniors and youth will be held on an annual basis.

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