Uzbekistan to simplify procedures for buying and selling currency by individuals

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Uzbekistan will simplify procedures for buying and selling foreign currency by individuals. This was stated in the commentary to the presidential decree “On priority measures for liberalization of monetary policy”.

In the commentary to the decree, published on the Central Bank’s website, it is said that the purchase of foreign currency in cash from the population will be carried out by all branches and mini-banks of commercial banks, without restriction in volumes and bureaucracy.

In order to ensure high-quality conduct of currency exchange operations by the banks, it is planned to take measures to simplify the procedure for buying and selling foreign currency by individuals.

Also, commercial banks will introduce an extended regime of operation of exchange offices on holidays and weekends.

According to the document, commercial banks of Uzbekistan will open additional exchange offices in branches and mini-banks, mainly in large shopping centers and markets.

Banks will reduce to a minimum level the commission fees for the sale of foreign currency through the conversion departments and remove all restrictions on the use of an international payment card abroad.

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