Programme of accelerated development of tourist potential of Bukhara cityand Bukhara region adopted

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a resolution “On measures on accelerated development of tourism potential of Bukhara city and Bukhara region for 2017-2019” on 19 May 2017.

Uzbek leader approved the programme of accelerated development of the tourist potential of Bukhara city and Bukhara region for 2017-2019.

Within the programme, it is planned to create new hotels, cultural and recreational and shopping and entertainment centers, as well as other objects of tourist infrastructure in Bukhara city and Bukhara region.

The measures will be implemented to improve public catering system and create conditions for evening leisure of tourists, including through construction of modern restaurants, theatrical concert performances of Uzbek national music, demonstration of national customs and traditions on the territory of cultural heritage sites.

The programme stipulates measures to improve transport services, development of air and railway infrastructure.

It is planned to install ATMs and POS-terminals at tourism objects, organize currency exchange offices, Wi-Fi zones in tourism attractions.

The programme envisages creation of new tourism routes and development of new tourism directions. It is planned to develop tourist infrastructure around the Agutma lake in Shafirkan region, overhaul "Visit Center" of the ecological center Jayron and erect a zoological park around it.

The resolution said that Uzbekistan will attract leading expert consultants from European countries with the assistance of UNESCO and international financial institutions to develop a long-term concept for planning of the historical part of Bukhara city and restoring the sites of material cultural heritage.

The document added that a tourist zone “Kadimiy Bukhoro” (Ancient Bukhara) will be established in Bukhara. The territory of the zone will include modern hotels, cultural and recreational and shopping and entertainment centers, which will provide necessary conditions for leisure of foreign tourists.

Two-storey houses will be built on the territory of the Shahriston market in Bukhara with traditional handicraft shops and shops selling national souvenirs, gold embroidery products, book products, fruits and vegetables, sweets and other products in demand among tourists.

Till 1 January 2020, Uzbek President released business entities operating in the tourist area “Kadimiy Bukhoro”, as well as investment companies from payment of certain types of taxes and mandatory payments.

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