UMS installs over 150 base stations in 3 months

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Mobile operator UMS installed over 150 base stations in all regions of Uzbekistan to expand coverage and capacity of its network, the press service of the operator said.

The operator stated it is actively expanding its network. In the end of March, it received all necessary documents to launch 42 new base stations.

It added that five of the base stations work on 4G LTE standard and installed in Tashkent. Other base stations work on 3G standard and improved coverage in rural areas and cities of Karakalpakstan Republic, Namangan and Kashkadarya regions.

UMS plans to further delight its subscribers with new opportunities. In the near future the company plans to increase the number of 3G base stations in the regions of Uzbekistan, complete modernization of 2G base stations. The company also plans to launch a full 4G LTE network in regional centers.

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