Uzbekistan moves to 47th place in World Happiness Report

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Uzbekistan took the 47th place in new ranking of the happiest countries of the world. The ranking was published in the World Happiness Report 2017, developed on order of the United Nations.

The UN Sustainable Solutions Network published the report and the ranking of the happiest countries of the world.

The ranking includes 155 countries of the world. Specialists in economy, psychology, statistics and other sectors of science participated at the process of the report development.

Six key variables explain three-quarters of the variation in annual national average scores over time and among countries. These six factors include: real GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy, having someone to count on, perceived freedom to make life choices, freedom from corruption, and generosity.

According to the report, Uzbekistan is the happiest country among CIS states with the index of 5.971. The country was on 49th place in previous report.

Uzbekistan is above such countries as Russia (49th place), Lithuania (52), Latvia (54), Moldova (55), Turkmenistan (59), and Kazakhstan (60)

Norway topped the ranking. Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and Finland followed Norway. The United States was placed to the 14th place in ranking and Great Britain was on 19th place.

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