Free Wi-Fi hotspots launched at two bus stations in Tashkent

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- BRAVO PHARMA launched free Wi-Fi hotspots at two bus stations in Tashkent within its social project.

The opening ceremony of the project was held at the bus station in the front of Alay Market in Tashkent on 16 March 2017.

Representatives of state bodies, business and academic circles, as well as the citizens and guests of the Uzbek capital participated in the opening ceremony/

BRAVO PHARMA is socially responsible company and implement several social projects in Uzbekistan. The project on launch of free Wi-Fi hotspots for population is the part of the work in this directions.

Manish Kumar Shanta, director on operations, said: “This project is a gift to the people of Uzbekistan from BRAVO PHARMA to Navruz holiday. BRAVO PHARMA is innovative company, which tries to introduce new technologies in its activities. Implementing this project, we want to attract more people to use internet and IT technologies.”

Currently, free Wi-Fi hotspot is available at two bus stations – in front of Alay market and Oybek metro stations.

Manish Kumar Shanta said that in future the company plans to expand the project, launching hotspots in Buyuk Ipak Yoli metro station, Istiqlol Palace, parks, near universities, hospitals and other public places.

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