CBU issues 10,000-soums banknote into circulation

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- Central Bank of Uzbekistan officially published images of 10,000 soum banknotes, the regulator said in a statement.

The bank said that it will introduce new 10,000-soums banknote into circulation from 10 March 2017.

The regulator said that new banknote will have size of 144 to 78 mm and printed on protected paper.

The Central Bank said the banknote will have watermark in form of Uzbekistan’s emblem and number “10,000” in right side on white field.

On the left side of the white field, there is a security threat with a 3D effect.

The front side of the banknote includes text “O’ZBEKISTON RESPUBLIKASI MARKAZIY BANKI” (The Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

CBU issues 10,000-soums banknote into circulation

In the left side of the background of the ornamental elements, there is the Emblem of Uzbekistan.

The front side of the banknote has emblem of Uzbekistan and serial number of the banknote, which includes two letters and seven digits.

The face value of the banknote is shown in left and right bottom corners, as well as in the right side of the emblem of Uzbekistan.

The text “SO’M” is written over the number “10000” in the center of banknote and over the number, there is text “O‘N MING” (Ten thousand).

The lower part of ornamental frame includes text “O’ZBEKISTON SO’MI RESPUBLIKA HUDUDIDA HAMMA TO’LOVLAR UCHUN O’Z QIYMATI BO’YICHA QABUL QILINISHI SHART” (Soum of Uzbekistan must be accepted for all types of payments on their par value).

CBU issues 10,000-soums banknote into circulation

Dark-blue ornamental frame, text “O’ZBEKISTON RESPUBLIKASI MARKAZIY BANKI”, emblem and number “10000” in right and left side have relief, which can be felt by touch.

There is a serial number of the banknote over the number “10000”.

The upper part of the white field has relief ornament in the form of octahedron of gold-bronze colour, which changes its colour, depending on the angle of inclination. Over the ornament, there is a year of the issue of banknote “2017”.

Watermarks on white field can be seen on the back side of the banknote. The upper and lower parts of white field have ornaments of blue and violate colors. There is the number “10000” over the lower ornament.

In the center of the banknote, there is a picture of building of the Senare of Oliy Majlis (upper house of parliament). There is flag of Uzbekistan over dome of the building.

In the upper left side, there is number “10000” and texts “SO’M” and “O’N MING” (Ten Thousand).

The lower part of the banknote has text “O’ZBEKISTON SO’MINI QALBAKILASHTIRISH QONUNGA MUVOFIQ TAQIB QILINADI” (Forgery of Uzbekistan’s soums is punished in line with the legislation).

The Central Bank said that new banknote should be accepted by all businesses and population without any limit on its face value.

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