Exhibitions held within TashkentALE 2008

Tashkent (UzDaily.com) -- Tashkent international photo biennale TashkentALE 2008 is continuing. It has been organized by the Fund “Forum of Culture and Art of Uzbekistan”, Arts Academy and the Tashkent Photography House and is devoted to the 2,200th anniversary of Tashkent.

The exhibition titled “With reverence to nature” opened in the Gallery of Fine Arts in the framework of the TashkentALE. Photographers from various countries tried to reflect such ideas as environmental protection and rational use of the gifts of nature, UzA reported.

Tursun Ali presented a series of works “East and West”, Vitautas Pletkus (Lithuania) - “Regions”, Emil Agayev (Azerbaijan) - “The miracle of nature”, Stephen Vaterfalle (Canada) - “Garden”, and Zhen Shou Liu (China) - “Houses on the shore”.

Another exhibition, which opened in the framework of TashkentALE 2008 in the Exhibition Hall of Culture and Art of Uzbekistan, is called “Our cherished values”. It features photographs on child upbringing and spirituality. Among the works are “View” by Sin Ma of China, “Walking around the city” by Nguyen Dan of Vietnam, “Amazement” by Vika Ramazanova from Uzbekistan and “Amateur photographer” by Alexander Harvat from Ukraine.

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