UZSE turnover exceeds 299.8bn soums in 2016

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Uzbekistan Stock Exchange (UZSE) recorded deals for 299.8 billion soums in 2016, which grew by 1.9 times compared to 2015 (161 billion soums in 2015).

During the 2016, the exchange registered 3,080 deals, which rose by 1.1 times year-on-year. Within the year, 689.1 million securities of 141 companies were traded.

The exchange, in particular, recorded deals for 22.3 billion soums with the shares of the state companies. Stocks for 0.4 billion soums (US$0.13 million) were realized for hard currency.

The secondary market registered deals for 205.5 billion soums in 2016, including 112.6 billion soums (US$35.9 million and 45,700 euros) at the platform for realization of corporate securities in hard currency.

The platform for selling shares of additional emission conducted deals for 68 billion soums, of which US$10 billion soums (US$3.4 million) was recorded at the platform for realization of corporate securities in hard currency.

UZSE registered deals for 4 billion soums in corporate bonds platform.

About 51.6% of exchange deals or 154.8 billion soums fell to share of financial enterprises in 2016. About 50.6% of exchange deals or 151.8 billion soums were conducted with securities of the banks and 0.9% or 2.5 billion soums – insurance companies. The share of financial sector made up 88.4% or 142.3 billion soums in 2015.

Agri-industrial complex accounted 5.3% of deals or 14.9 billion soums (7.4% or 11.8 billion soums in 2015), industrial sector – 24.6% of exchange deals or 73.7 billion soums (0.3% or 0.5 billion soums in 2015).

Share of construction enterprises reached 1.2% or 3.5 billion soums in 2016 (1.9% or 3.1 billion soums in 2015).

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