Impressions of the international guests of the closure ceremony in Samarqand

International guests of the Fashion and Design Week Closure ceremony in Samarqand had shared their impressions.

Rod Stewart, legendary rock musician (Great Britain)

- This is new country for me, new people and new listeners. I am very glad to discover your beautiful country of hospitable people and unique traditions.

Tatyana Mikhalkova, RUSSKIY SILUET Foundation’s President (Russia)

- Every year I come to the Uzbek Fashion Week and every year get a lot of impressions. But this year, I should acknowledge, that the status and international level of the event had impressively grown. I believe that the Fashion Week has a great future. And I am very grateful to its author for the support of young designers because it is important not only for Uzbekistan, but Also for Russia and for the further development of our cooperation is this field.

Oksana Puskina, famous TV-anchor (Russia)

- I am really impressed by what I have seen here and especially in Samarqand during the closure ceremony. Unfortunately I didn’t have my team with me and we couldn’t shoot all this events. But I hope that I will come back next year and will make special tv-program, devoted to the Fashion week in Uzbekistan.

Vartan Toganyan, Chairman of the EURASIAN MEDIA GROUP (Russia)

- Fashion Week is unbelievable, magnisifent event. Because in Paris or Milan Fashion Weeks have 100 years history and are based on great experience. But in Uzbekistan it had been started from nowhere and has gained such a great recognition in such a short period of time. It means that professional team is working on the projects.

Denis Simachyov, designer (Russia)

- My impressions from defile in Samarqand are so endless. I have discovered brand new city with fairy culture and legendary architecture. Regarding the defile itself I have seen new oriental look at the fashion, at clothes and relationship between forms and fabrics. I believe that these impressions will be reflected in my further collections and maybe I will bring them to the next fashion Week in Uzbekistan.

Alexander Shumski, producer, organizer of the RUSSIAN FASHION WEEK (Russia)

- I really liked what I have seen here. This is great that your Fashion Week supports not only talented designers but also national handicrafts and traditional arts. Because the most important part of any Fashion Week are works by national designers and unique local arts. If you invite world-famous brands to awake international interest to your event, next step is to show national peculiarities to achieve recognition. And with this regard Uzbekistan has a great advantage. Because here people wear national dress in their everyday life. For example, in Russia national dress is more like souvenir whereas in your country people are honored to wear it of have some elements in their modern outfits.

George Bully, GUY LAROCHE Fashion House (France)

- I am very glad to take part in this beautiful event. I am impressed by the work of organizers and unlimited enthusiasm of its author. Obvious that everything has been done with a special feeling, and with know-how. It was interesting that your Fashion Week consists not only from defiles, but also includes fine and applied and musical arts. Event we in Paris can hardly imagine concert of such legendary singers as Rod Stewart during some fashion project. We just don’t have such scaled events. I am glad that Uzbekistan opens its rich potential by this way.

Horlaville Marie Ange, producer TV France 3 (France)

- Unique national fabrics and traditional dress is very beautiful. I am so impressed. You know how to make real festivity. Because everything is done from heart and the atmosphere is so friendly and natural. I believe, that Forum Foundation is doing great job for promotion of cultural cooperation between Uzbekistan and France. People in Paris are getting better understanding of Uzbek culture and traditions and this is very important.

Anne Schances, STYLE magazine reporter (France)

- I have never imagined how skillfully can be used national fabrics and patterns. I am happy to be here. I believe that in few years this Fashion Week will turn into important event on international level.

Takada Kenzo, world famous designer (Japan)

- I am honored to take part in this special event alongside with prominent international guests. It has been my dream to visit Uzbekistan this real pearl of the Great Silk Road. When I came here, I was impressed by talent, enthusiasm and aspiration of its people. Today’s fashion show is a bright example of how Uzbekistan can preserve its national traditions and develop modern fashion industry at the same time.

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