Chopard and Guli create joint jewellery collection

At the Tashkent press conference Vice President and art director of Chopard company Mrs. Carolina Gruozi-Shophel announced creation of a new jewelry collection in association with Guli brand. All collected means will be directed on charity.

At the press conference journalists had an opportunity to ask questions from Mrs. Carolina Gruozi-Shophel.

Here are the questions and the answers which sounded during the conversation.

- It is such a great and sunny weather here, it differs from that in Geneva and I am so happy to be here and to participate in such an important and grandiose event, - told the guest from Switzerland. - We will present a very interesting project - a combination of Chopard jewelry collection with Uzbek national dresses. I hope that we can not only realize this project in Uzbekistan, but also show it to the world.

- As we know, you plan to let out a new joint collection of two brands: Chopard and Guli. Can You tell us about details of this project?

- It is true, we now plan to use the designs offered by Madam Gulnara Karimova, and we will create Chopard collection which will be selling in more than 150 boutiques worldwide. The means collected from this project will be directed on charities, which the “Forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan” Fund is engaged in. I think that it is a very interesting project and I am happy to participation in it. I also think that it is a good opportunity to export the Uzbek national culture and art all over the world.

- How do you think this given project will be reflected in further development of the fashion industry of Uzbekistan?

- I have been to Uzbekistan before, but this is my first time at the Fashion Week. For that short period of time that I have spent in Tashkent, I have seen some works of your designers - they are very interesting and can give inspiration. The European designers often take ideas from eastern culture, in particular Chinese, Japanese, and I think that it is very useful, it makes our art international, helps to maintain the dialogue of cultures. It seems to me that in future it is necessary to invite more international participants to this project, so that this interlacing of cultures would better reflect in art and would develop art as a whole.

- Currently in the world it is fashionable to use any elements of cultures and traditions of different countries. Do you plan to use the Uzbek motives in your future collections?

- I have to travel often, and it gives me food for inspiration. In particular, when I was in Moscow 10 years ago, I liked domes of the Red Square, and I devoted one of my collections to Pushkin. I think that I will find something interesting in Uzbekistan that will inspire me as well.

- What, in your opinion, is the role of such projects as the Fashion Week, in support of young talents?

- It really is very important, in my opinion. The youth brings a lot of new ideas in art, whether it is fashion, architecture, design, fine arts or applied arts. The youth is our future that is why we must always support young talents, discover new names and help them to develop.

- Your company is directed by the man and woman, whose different outlooks could determine development of the enterprise. Production of Chopard brand is equally pleasant both to men and women. How do you find the compromise in decision of art issues?

- I have been working for 20 years over this brand with my brother. Moreover, we are vice-presidents of Chopard and we develop various departments of our company. I am also a creative director and designing collections for women: starting from watches to jewellery, are exclusive accessories and perfumes. My brother develops collections for men. It is very good tandem, and our cooperation goes quite successfully.

- How you think people buy your product for self-affirmation or give a tribute to beauty? And what is the magic of diamonds?

- Both of these are correct. We always say we create and sell dreams. And those who have reached heights and welfare, want to possess such products, give diamonds to wives, girl-friends and daughters. We are working on emotions. Diamonds, I think, are close to human nature, to their emotional world. They say diamonds are a girls’ best friend - they never betray! Whether there is a fashion for jewellery and what is in fashion now? Diamonds are the most sold stones in the world but along with them we sell other stones. Today, for example, pink diamonds are quite popular. Any long accessories around the neck are fashionable, but they must be feminine and light. It is important, that is why women feel comfortable in such jewellery.

- The Chopard brand stays in the market for about half a century. What is the secret of success?

- In 2010 our company marks the 150 anniversary of its foundation. My father, grandfather, my ancestors - all of them worked in this business, I am a representative of fourth generation of jewellers. The secret is very simple: work, work and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Values of our company rely on creativity, multinational orientation and constant aspiration to perfection, and we are trying to preserve these values.

- Whether there is Uzbekistan in the agenda of the strategic development of your company?

- The fact that I am here says that Uzbekistan is in our strategy, and it is great. We think Uzbekistan can become a very good partner.

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