Uzbekistan adopts tourism development programme for Kashkadarya region

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- On 1 November 2013, the Government of Uzbekistan approved a programme for developing tourism sphere in Kashkadarya region for 2013-2015.

The programme was approved with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan “On programme on developing tourism sphere in Kashkadarya region for 2013-2015”.

According to, the programme envisages measures on raising potential of tourism sector of the region and determines target parameters of tourism development in Kashkadarya region for next two years.

In line with the preliminary data of Uzbektourism, total expenses to implementation of the programme will make up over US$101 million. The programme will be financed due to resources of the state and local budgets, own resources of the project initiators, foreign investments, loans and grants, as well as resources of the Republican Road Fund.

The programme envisages creation of favourable conditions for effective use of unique historic-cultural heritage of Kashkadarya region, preserving and restoration of historic monuments, construction of new and reconstruction of existing hotels, tourism and entertainment objects, as well as development of transport infrastructure.

The programme includes over 80 infrastructure, marketing and organizational projects.

In particular, the programme includes measures on developing tourism infrastructure, diversifying tourism products in the region, boosting measures on attracting tourists, developing hotel infrastructure, restaurants and catering, etc.

Within the programme, it is planned to purchase at least 20 tourism buses and create business hall for passengers at Karshi Airport and reconstruct buildings of Kitab railway station.

It is planned to construct over 30 new hotels in Kashkadarya region and reconstruct existing hotels, which will allow to double hotel places twice.

The programme stipulates measures on developing Shahrisabz and mountain areas of the regions such as Yakkabog, Kitab and Shahrisabz, where it is planned to develop ecologic, active, recreation and agriculture tourism. It is also planned to develop cultural-educational tourism in Karshi city and Karshi districts.

It is also planned to develop banking services for tourism sector. In particular, the programme envisages installation of ATMs and POS-terminals at tourism infrastructure objects, airports, railway stations, hotels, restaurants, and other places.

There are also plans to promote regional tourism products in foreign markets, develop new tourism routes and improve quality of services.

It is planned to develop and promote tourism brand of Kashkadarya region and create web-portal VisitKashkadarya.

In order to promote ecologic tourism, it is planned to create unique object “Biologic preserve” near Achinkul water reservoir near Mirishkor district.

The programme included a project on creation of the unique museum dedicated to family of Amir Temur in Hodjailgor village in Yakkabad district. It is planned to create yurta camp, agriculture tourism objects, artisans shops and others along the round from Samarkand to Shakhrisabz.

There is also a project on construction of mountain skiing base in Mingchinor village. It is planned to study opportunities on organization of tourists’ visits to Gissar nature reserve.

Electric cars will be purchased to provide services to tourists in Shakhrisabz. The electric cars will provide services at the famous tourism objects of Shakhrisabz such as Oq Saroy, Dorus-Soadat and Dor-ut Tilovat.

It is expected that implementation of the project will allow to increase number of visiting foreign tourists by 1.4 times to 33,200 a year by 2015 and export tourism services – by 1.4 times. Number of hotels will increase by 1.8 times to 66 units. Total volume of tourism services will grow by 1.5 times to 4.5 billion soums.

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