Iran-Uzbekistan Customs heads discuss ways of promoting cooperation

Referring to Iran’s principal policy concerning expansion and deepening bilateral cooperation, Rahbar said Uzbekistan is one of Iran’s important partners in the region.

Rahbar underlined the necessity of removing obstacles and facilitating mutual trade exchanges, implementing customs agreements and also agreement on preferential tariff between the two countries.

About Iran’s excellent transitional position in North-South corridor and connecting bridge of east and west, the Iranian official said Iran intends to develop the capacity of the corridors.

Naserev by referring to the old ties between the two countries underscored necessity of bolstering legal bases of cooperation between Tehran and Tashkent.

He also pointed out the importance of exchanging information between the two countries and expressed Uzbekistan’s readiness for considering and removing possible problems in goods transition.

The Uzbek Customs governor also emphasized cooperation in fight against drug smuggling.

Uzbekistan exports cotton, colorful metals and some materials for petrochemical industry to Iran and import industrial machinery and fruits from Iran.

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