Lukoil, partners introduce scheme to transport Uzbek gas from Khauzak field

The scheme provided for piping the condensate from Khauzak to the North Urtabulak rail-loading terminal, loading into tank trucks, transportation to the Mubarek gas processing plant, transshipment into rail tank cars and shipment to the Jarkurgan refinery plant, a Lukoil press release said.

The technological cycle of transportation includes pipelines, refinery and automobile transportation services, as well as Uzbekistan Railroads.

The volume of transportation of condensate will reach 25,000 tonnes per year.

The project’s products, natural gas, sulfur and gas condensate, shall be supplied to Lukoil Overseas Supply & Trading Ltd., which sells them in the interests of all project partners, including the Government of Republic of Uzbekistan, Lukoil Overseas and Uzbekneftegaz.

Earlier, the Khauzak field development plan provided for transportation of the condensate via the oil pipeline. However, in order to improve the return on sales, it was decided to divide the crude oil and condensate streams and build a loading terminal in the North Urtabulak field.

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